‘Seoul Festa 2022’ kicks off with K-pop concert


Yesterday, South Korea’s capital, Seoul launched a new summer festival.
Starting this year, it will take place every August, and will feature a variety of cultural activities to attract both the domestic and international audience.
Our Song Yoo-jin went out on day one to file this report.
Welcome to Seoul Festa 2022!
Hosted by the Seoul city government, the festival, first launched this year, welcomes guests from all around the world for some summer fun.
But on top of providing fun, the city had its sights on a bigger cause.

“The tourism industry has been going through a tough time due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
So we prepared Seoul Festa 2022 with the hope that this could not only boost the tourism industry but Seoul city’s economy as a whole.”

And the first day was filled with eye-pleasing spectacles.
First stop was the exhibition area providing a sneak peak of what transportation in the future will look like.
On display were a variety of personal air vehicles that could some day become a familiar sight on the city’s skyline.
There was also a VR zone where visitors could feel as if they were riding in one themselves.
Seoul aims to commercialize an Urban Air Mobility Service, which would allow passengers to take to the sky in these vehicles by 2025.

But the highlight of the day was the evening’s K-pop concert “Super K-pop Live”.
Around 40-thousand fans from all around the world gathered at Jamsil Sports Complex to cheer for their favorite artists.

“I was really disappointed when NCT DREAM’s last concert was canceled.
So I’m really happy to finally see them today at Seoul Festa 2022.”

“I’m super excited. We haven’t gotten to see them for quite a while between covid and touring and stuff like that.”

“I’m so excited. This is all I’ve been looking forward to lately.”

The two-hour long performance featured more than a dozen renowned singers or groups from different genres.
Crossover vocal quartet “Forestella” was the first to take the stage.
K-pop idol groups including LE SSERAFIM, NMIXX, Stray Kids, and NCT DREAM followed.
Singer and actor Rain, rappers Tiger JK and Yoon Mi-rae were also part of the lineup.
Although it rained, the bad weather couldn’t dampen the passion of the artists and the audience.

“But these are only part of the fun that Seoul Festa 2022 offers.
From Wednesday to Sunday, a wide variety of events will take place across the city.
They include the global electric vehicle race, the Formula E World Championship, the World DJ Festival, as well as shopping an leisure activities.
Those interested can find more information on the festa’s website.
Song Yoo-jin, Arirang News.”

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