[KPOP IN PUBLIC | ONE TAKE] (여자)아이들((G)I-DLE) – ‘NXDE’ dance cover by BELMOUVE

Hi everyone, we’re back with a cover of (G)I-dle – ‘Nxde’💃🏻Stereotypes surround us everywhere we go. Moreover, we are forced to follow and conform to far-fetched standards. Together with the group (G)I-dle and their song ‘Nxde’, we will say: “I am me. I don’t need to conform to stereotypes to please you” ✨♥


Soyeon – @_lizar.d
Yuqi – @junweel
Shuhua – @sopetitbaby
Minnie – @layly_el
Miyeon – @i_am_conny

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🎶Music: (G)I-dle – Nxde

Credits: Cube Entertainment

Dance team: BELMOUVE 🦋

Camera: @sempaai_0
Edit: @sopetitbaby

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*приложение является запрещённым на территории РФ

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