[K-POP IN PUBLIC PRAGUE – ONETAKE] | Kep1er 케플러 – Up | DejaVu


Summer covers coming!
We are still not sure what is better – last Kep1er cover (WADADA – check it out!) we were freezing and now we were fighting extreme heat. Yet we really love summer songs – all smiles, nice colors around … it just makes us happy to watch it afterwards.

We hope you can enjoy another of our kinda quick covers!
Bringing summer vibes to you from Praha!

All credits to this song comes to Kep1er.
We have no rights to this song – this video is just a cover dance.
No profit comes to us.
Yujin – Jess (@cissnei_cosplay) – DejaVu
Yeongeun – Maru (@mariestal) – DejaVu
Mashiro – Teru (@teruCZ) – DejaVu
Dayeon – Táňa (@klegra_) – DejaVu
Chaehyun – Anežka (@Anne_wijsman) – 1mpact
Hikaru – Lucie (@lucie.emerald) – XXL Crew
Xiaoting – Sára (@saraereichl)
Bahiyyih – Sofi (@sofi_slabjarova) – !Scream
Yeoseo – Demi (@demichichulada) – !Scream

Camera and edit: @to.minhduc

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